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How to Clean a Yoga Mat




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When you need to clean your yoga mat, there are several methods to choose from. Essential oils and creams can cause the mat to become stained or to wear down.

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If you sweat profusely, it may be better to use a yoga towel. If you can’t get the mat clean with a towel, you can always replace it. And remember that you can wash your yoga towel afterward, too. If your mat starts to lose its rubber, it might be a sign that your yoga practice isn’t as good as it once was.

How to Clean a Yoga Mat
How to Clean a Yoga Mat

Disinfecting Your Yoga Mat

Washing your yoga mat is a good idea for several reasons. One reason is the number of bacteria it can attract. Additionally, your mat is often slept on, making it vulnerable to bacteria and germs. A disinfectant made for yoga mats is a great solution to this problem. It is a non-bleach solution that won’t damage your yoga mat’s materials or leave behind unpleasant fumes.

To disinfect your yoga mat, combine warm water and liquid dish soap. Scrub the mat in a circular motion to remove visible dirt with the cleaner. Rinse the mat thoroughly, avoiding over spraying it as it could cause slippery residue. Dry the mat thoroughly with a towel. You don’t want to wring out the mat, because the wringing out action can damage it. In either case, you should wash your mat regularly.

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Cleaning Your Yoga Mat

There are several ways to clean your yoga mat. You can use a gentle disinfectant spray or soap and water in the shower. A gentle solution is best for all types of mats. Make sure to give the mat a good lather before wiping it off. Once cleaned, you can hang your mat to dry. Ideally, you should clean your yoga mat every few months. This method will kill pathogens that may have settled on the mat’s surface.

To disinfect your yoga mat, use mild liquid dish soap, but not too much. The solution should be diluted to two cups of water and about four drops of dish soap. Do not use too much soap as too much soap may leave a slippery film, which could make future yoga practices dangerous. You can also use an old cotton t-shirt or sponge. The sponge will do the trick better than a dish soap solution.

Cleaning Your Yoga Mat with Essential Oils

There are many reasons to clean your yoga mat regularly. One of the most obvious is the possibility of fungi and bacteria. In addition to fungi, bacteria on a yoga mat can also cause skin infections. Staph bacteria can cause painful skin infections, and human papillomavirus can cause plantar warts on your feet. These problems are preventable, and you can use essential oils to help keep your yoga mat as clean as possible.

To deep-clean your yoga mat, use a washing machine. The detergent should be mild, and the washing process should be done as if it was a regular wash. Some mats, however, cannot be washed in a washing machine. If that is the case, you can try adding baking soda to your regular cleaning routine. Be sure to let the mat dry completely after using this method. Essential oils may damage the material of your yoga mat, so be sure to test it out on a patch first.

Cleaning Your Yoga Mat in The Sun

If you live in an area prone to the sun, you may want to consider using a natural cleaner. One way to do this is by adding a few drops of dish soap to a cup of warm water and spraying it onto the mat. Be careful not to overspray the mat, as too much soap can leave a slippery residue. Once the soap solution has dried, scrub the mat with a soft cloth to remove any remaining stains. Afterward, allow the mat to air dry.

Another way to clean a yoga mat is to air dry it in the sun. Sunlight is naturally antibacterial and will kill any bacteria that may remain on the mat. Yoga instructors like Donna Farhi recommend that mats be air dried after use. She recommends using a natural detergent such as biodegradable or hypoallergenic. After washing, always leave the mat outside to air dry. Once completely dry, you can use it again.

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